We invite you to become part of the Ensign Children’s Choir (ages 9 to 13) or Ensign Youth Choir (ages 14 to 18)! The directors are amazing private vocal teachers, as well as being trained and certified choral conductors. There’s a huge team of adults who want to make all of this successful! In the works is a Training Choir (ages 7 to 9), so don’t hesitate to sign up if you are at least 7 years old. 

*Please read through this page before clicking on the application form so that you know what to do to apply.*

We want to give ALL children a chance to sing in the Ensign choirs. This voice placement process is to help us know the children’s voices so that we can choose the best music for them. Don’t worry about making it professional or perfect. Just sing and send it in! We love working with different voices!

Click here to access the application page

Short Instructions: Fill out the Google Form and upload an unlisted video to YouTube.

Full Instructions:

1. Application Google Form

Fill out the information and personal profile in the application form.  We will be keeping the information private. Make sure to indicate which choir you are applying for.


Submit an audition video of The Star Spangled Banner and the Rythmic Chant.

  1. Using your cell phone or a computer with video recording capabilities, video yourself singing The Star Spangled Banner starting on the same note as the YouTube Video. Sing a cappella (without accompaniment).  (Girls, please sing in the key of A like the first YouTube example. Boys, please sing it in the key of A as the first example unless you are 14 or older and your voice has started changing, then you may choose to sing in the key of C starting on G below middle C.) Again, please sing the song a cappella (without accompaniment).
    • Go to the YouTube video listed to hear what key to sing in for your voice placement video. (One of our directors has sung it as an example for you.  It starts on the note E, and is in the key of A.)  If you are a boy 14 or older whose voice has started to lower and change, please sing in the key of C, starting on the note G below middle C.  Here is a video example from a choir member: or
  2. Video yourself chanting this rhythmic chant to a steady beat.
    • Go to the YouTube video to hear the rhythmic chant (a folk thing from Jamaica – see below).    Here is the YouTube video example: –  and at the end of this page are the written words and rhythm.
  3. Go to YouTube and upload your video as unlisted. (Here is how to do that.) Put the unlisted YouTube URL into the form for both videos. (Unlisted means it won’t be found in any searches, and no one can see it unless you give them the link.)

3. HEAD SHOT in Google Form

Upload a picture of a ‘head shot’ of the child in the form.

4. You’re done! Now you just have to wait. 🙈

We will contact you about the choir and how you fit in by the middle of July!  (Summer Camp at the end of August starts our official rehearsals.)


Rhythmic Chant

(This rhythmic chant is a folk song from Jamaica.)

Four white horses on a river,

Hey! Hey! Hey! Up tomorrow,

Up tomorrow is a rainy day.

Come on and join our shadow play.

Shadow play is a ripe banana,

Hey! Hey! Hey! Up tomorrow,

Up tomorrow is a rainy day.