Here are some frequently asked questions:

1.When and Where are the rehearsals?

We will be holding rehearsals from 8 am to 9 am on Saturday mornings in Remond. (Sept. to Jan. first session, Feb. to June second session.) There will be a summer camp on August 28th and 29th.

2. Can I miss any regular rehearsals?

You must attend 80% of all regular rehearsals in order to remain in the choir, which means you can only miss approximately 7 to 8 days of the 10-month season.  If you are consistently late for rehearsal, that will count as an absence.

3. Will there be any extra rehearsals in addition to the regular Saturday morning rehearsals?

There will be dress rehearsals for our  formal performances the night before the concert.

There will be workshop rehearsals with a visiting professional if you choose to be part of the YouTube music videos.

4. When are the performances?

We are setting the schedule right now for the 2018-2019 season.  The formal concert performances are mandatory and we will announce them soon.  The informal service performances are being decided upon. They will be on a sign-up basis (think SignUp Genius).  If we have 40 youth/children who sign up, the performance is a go. We will plan on about 6 informal performances over the course of the season.

5. What will the children and youth wear?

We will wear quality polo shirts with our logo (available for purchase – $10) for the informal performances, and a blue vest & pants for guys/blue dress for girls as our formal performances costume (available for purchase – approximately $50).  Because children grow so fast, we hope to set up a choir clothing resale site.

6. What music will the children and youth sing?

We are currently choosing a mix of song styles for the informal performances, the formal concerts, and the YouTube music videos.  (Think movies, musical theatre, classical, pop, spiritual, jazz, etc.) The music is paid for by the choir organization and will be checked out to the children and youth to be kept in their personal folder.  The children/youth are accountable for the music and will turn it in at the end of each session (example: the Christmas music will be turned in during January). If the child or youth loses their music, they are accountable to pay for it.

7. Is this a for profit or non-profit organization?

We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  The tuition and fundraising funds will be used to pay for publicity, marketing, concert facilities, sound and mic equipment, YouTube video production costs, acquiring music, and paying guest artists who either compose songs for the children to sing or appear and sing with the choirs.

8. How much is the monthly tuition and when is it due?

The choirs are funded by a monthly tuition.  (You can receive a detailed budget of exactly where the money goes upon request.)  The tuition of $195 is due at the first of each session. (Sept. to Jan. first session, Feb. to June second session)  There are scholarships available to help with the cost of tuition. Multiple children in one family receive a 20 per cent discount for the second and third child.

9. What will be the quality of musical instruction that the youth will receive?

Each of the music directors have degrees in choral education.  Each of us are private voice teachers. We are currently taking monthly seminars to fine tune our skills for these particular choirs and your children.  We want to provide the best musical education we can in addition to offering the opportunity to record in a professional setting, make music videos, sing in amazing places with amazing people, and serve other children through music.  

10. How do I sign up?

We have a mobile phone application process.  You fill out your child’s information, video your child singing The Star-Spangled Banner, and saying a rhythmic chant to a steady beat. They can be two separate videos or just one.  You can see examples of the song, what note to start on, and the rhythmic chant on YouTube. Go to the Try Out page on this website.

We will be listening to each voice in order to do voice placement for the choir.  If a child is struggling with pitch or rhythm, we will contact you and have an in-person interview and assessment to find the best place for your child to sing.