Seattle University Performance

Today was a rare, sunny, November day in Seattle as the Ensign Children & Youth Choirs entered the Redhawk Center to sing the National Anthem at Seattle University volleyball game.

As the youth and children prepared to warm up, everyone was excited and active in anticipation of the chorus’ first performance of the season. Director Stephanie Shipley capably captured the attention of the chorus and brought everyone together with tight ending sounds and noticeable dynamics.

As they ended warm-ups, one of the Seattle University basketball players stopped by to apologize for making so much noise bouncing basketballs on the back half of our practice court. The kids didn’t show any sign of concern for the extra noise. They just enjoyed meeting the basketball player. He then congratulated and thanked them for their beautiful sounds, which he said helped him “be in the zone.”

The group was then led by a Seattle University employee to the volleyball court. They lined up with dignity; even our little ones from the training choir walked on with grace. As they sang, “Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light,” the audience went silent. The children and youth smiled and sang. Overall, the first Ensign performance was greeted by grand applause and thanks all around for a job well done. It was a great way for the Ensign Children & Youth Choirs to open their 2018-2019 performing season. Seattle University celebrated their performance by giving each participant a Seattle University T-shirt. Thank you, RedHawks, and congratulations on your win!



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